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Our ERP can resolve it, By the help of our business high tech solution you can connect all departments and functions with a future-proof ERP system for resilience and operational excellence.


Financial & Accounts Management

Our ERP system ensures that your accounting is automated. It simplifies operations related to accounts receivable, accounts payable, improves cash flow problems, and cash management. It helps you to collect financial data from various departments to create reports and financial statements.

  • Richly detailed financial reports
  • More automation
  • Freedom from duplicate data entry
  • Reduce Human errors
  • A higher degree of control

Purchase Management

This module in our ERP provides every step in the purchasing chain is captured in the system, the purchaser will find powerful tools at his/her fingertips to efficiently achieve his/her tasks. The buyer is also supported in his/her operational decision making tasks. Supplier orders and quality.

  • Goods reception slips
  • Supplier goods returns
  • Pre-entered supplier invoices
  • Supplier invoice entry
  • Purchase and Supplier Inventory
  • Accounting entry for both GL and cost accounting

Sales management

Our sales module gives you real-time access to all the information you require and puts your sales information to work. You can monitor and track sales, visit customer inquiries, quotes, competitive analysis, rep productivity, and much more. Your sales staff can also access the same data in order to manage their day-to-day work and turn quotes to invoices.

  • Goods reception slips
  • Customer goods returns
  • Customer Invoice entry
  • customer inquiries
  • Sale & Customer Reports
  • Accounting entry for both GL and cost accounting

Stocks & Inventory management

Our socks and inventory management module is perfectly integrated into the supply chain to give you a real-time view into your stock levels and the tools you need to keep your customers happy. Our stock management features allow you to handle customers, pricing policies, due date and much more.

  • Stocks analysis and reports.
  • Pricing Policies
  • Quotation
  • Quality managements

Human Resources Management

Our ERP HR module streamlines the management of human resources and human capital. It is routinely maintaining a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation, and promotion of all employees.

  • Organizational Management
  • E-Recruitment
  • Time Management
  • Personal Information
  • Payroll
  • Reporting

Miscellaneous Management

Our Miscellaneous management module is used to define and cover costs that typically do not fit within specific tax categories or account ledgers. Regular, extensive, and ongoing expenses, such as payroll, office rent, and inventory supplies, will all have their own account to track and record associated costs every month.


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